Here are a few basic rules of the Battle Event, you can also watch this video to learn more. Here are the basics:
  • Battle Event starts on Fridays at 13:00 UTC and ends on Mondays at 16:00 UTC
  • The goal is to get as many Trophies as you can (they guarantee you various rewards)
  • Trophies are dropping from Battle Event Campaign and Battle Event Bosses
  • To fight in the campaign and bosses you need Tickets. There are four types of tickets. Campaign Tickets, Warrior Boss Tickets, Mage Boss Tickets and Guild Boss Tickets
  • At the start of the Event you get 30 Event Campaign Tickets and 10 Warrior, Mage and Guild Boss Tickets
  • The amount of the Tickets needed for the next levels of the Battle Event Campaign is always shown below the name of the Stage. After finishing a stage with 3 stars you have a chance to repeat it automatically using Auto Token
  • Guild bosses can be attacked with a regular Strike using one Boss Ticket and Super Strike using 3 Boss Tickets. The second one is useful for Bosses with a higher level
  • Completing Campaign and fighting Bosses gives you not only Trophies but also Medals which can be used in the Event Shop
  • In the Event Shop you can found different useful materials which can be used for the Event Craft
  • In the Battle Event's menu, you can find Milestones represented by skull Trophies icon. It is a place where you can get specific rewards for collecting a concrete amount of trophies
  • The overall ranking is made by choosing a concrete amount of players with the highest scores
  • Rewards are send to your in-game mailbox few minutes after the Battle Event ends
  • Every Event promoting gear with different Emblem which can be used in the multiplier
  • There are also special bonuses for linking certain items (like Gloves, Rings, Helmets etc.), you can find them by clicking the "link" buttons in the Battle Event Multiplier
More info can be found on our blog. You can also check Questland Reddit and Dicord channels and look for player's guides. Have fun!