First of all, we are extremely sorry that you've experienced any crashes or longer loading times. This is, of course, not intentional and we want you to have the best experience possible. Secondly, it's likely not your fault. Here's why:

There are a few reasons why the game crashes or has long loading times.

1. Our servers are overloaded

Questland is becoming more popular, and that's probably one of the reasons why you are even playing it! While this is happening, we are upgrading our servers to ensure we are capable of providing quality connection and bandwidth to all players at all times. Please bear with us while this is happening.

2. We are optimizing your device

Every smartphone is different. It reacts to things differently than other smartphones, sometimes quicker, sometimes slower. We don't mean your phone is slow or old! All we are saying is that different hardware within certain devices don't like certain things we are doing. While we are updating our game, we are ensuring Questland works well on all possible devices. Please bear with us while that's happening, and keep checking your relative app store to be sure that you have the latest version of the game.

3. There's probably a problem with our servers or there is a bug in Questland

We are always monitoring our server connection and fixing any issues as soon as we can. Whenever you are having multiple crashes, check your respective app store for an update to Questland. Bugs happen to everyone, in every app and game. If you constantly are getting

"Can I do anything to fix this?"

Of course - be patient and give us some time to resolve these issues. We really do care and we really want you to have a blast while playing Questland. Also, here are some other reasons why the game may crash for you or load for too long:

4. Your internet provider doesn't like us

Well, not really us, but the servers that we are using. One of the solutions is to try connecting to a different WiFi or internet provider.

5. You are playing on a wrong server

Questland has many servers that you can create your hero on. At this moment there are 4: America, Europe, Asia, and Global. Each of these servers is physically in different places around the world. It is essential that you pick the right server for your location, as this can negatively affect your connection. For example, if you decided to play on Asia server while being in the USA, your connection can be very poor, even though other apps may work perfectly fine.

6. You are using a VPN or other connection-modifying app

Certain VPN apps and anti-malware apps prevent other apps from working as intended, slowing them down or simply not allowing them to work at all. Ensure that Questland is added to a whitelist to any anti-malware app and that the VPN app is disabled during the time of play to allow for a better connection. This is due to the servers of VPN apps being located in different parts of the world.

If none of these steps and reasons solve your issue, feel free to message us. Don't forget to provide us with as much information as possible, like the error code or screenshots that may be helpful to us.