Quests are one of the most efficient ways to level up.
They are tasks that you get rewarded for, once you complete them. There are 3 types of quests:
  • Daily Tasks - Simple tasks that reset every day and are meant to guide you through your daily routine in Questland. They don’t give rewards but provide Points that are required to unlock rewards (you can seen it above the tasks list). There is a set of Tasks that you will see daily, but you will also get different ones every now and then.
  • Quests - Typical RPG-style tasks. Every quest can be completed only once and usually leads to another one. They have a short storyline, that can be seen on top of task list.
  • Quest Events - Quest Events is a group of Quests that every player can complete and compete in. They usually have Rankings, which allows players to get amazing rewards for completing a number of Quests! There is no specific date when a Quest Event will start, but keep your eyes on the Quest Event tab to get a chance of winning epic rewards!
  • Earn Gems - simple tasks rewarded with Gems, most of them is a measure of your game progress.