The "Not enough storage" bug often happens for Android users only. It is mainly caused by the systems' cache or lack of storage for the cache, even if the user have sufficient amount of memory on their device.

Some of the suggestions that can solve this problem are:

A. Clear Cache of Questland app, by doing the following:
  1. Ensure your hero is saved in-game by going to More > Settings > Manage Account > Save Hero (green text "Already assigned" indicates the hero is saved).
  2. In your device, go to Settings > General > Apps > App info > Questland (depending on OS)
  3. Click on Storage > Clear Cache - this will clear all unnecessary storage.

B. Move Questland to an SD card or unistall Questland and force it to be installed on different memory card.


C. Unistall unnecessary applications on the device.


D. Clear specific memory storages from the device using CCleaner app.