First of all - do not worry. Questland is a game of perseverance and the higher in the game you get - the more features to unlock, the more things to do - the less possibility of getting stuck.
Here is a piece of additional advice for all heroes who want to speed up their progress.
  • Taking part in the weekly Battle Event gives you a chance for some amazing rewards for getting Trophies. Join a Guild to do even more fights with bosses and getting more rewards.
  • Complete the Campaign on both difficilties!
  • Complete the Tower, reach the highest floor possible and get more great rewards.
  • Fight different bosses at the Boss Challenge. The boss changes every day and you can get some sweet goodies every day.
  • Compete in the various Quest Events that happen every week!
  • Dominate the rankings in the Arena, fight other players can get Honor Points to exchange them for rewards at the Trade Shop.

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