Hero power is a sum of all of your hero' statistics and provides an easy way to compare heroes.

  • Having a hero with higher Hero Power doesn't necessarily mean you will win on the Arena all the time; proportions between the statistics really matter.
  • Creating a character with high hero power takes time and perseverance. That's a solid portion of strategizing when it comes to developing your character by choosing a certain build.
  • You can read more detailed info on hero power, statistics and build here, on our blog or see our video about it.

And here are some additional ways to make your statistics, therefore hero power, higher:
  • Legendary orbs significantly increase your hero power. You can get those in Trade Spot, by grinding materials from battle, in exchange for tokens or with crafting.
  • Upgrade your Collection slots and make appropriate links.
  • Gather Gems from the Arena, Tavern and Daily Tasks and open the Event Chests.
  • Gear Shards and Gear Schemes can help you get items you desire.
  • Artifacts, a new quality of Gear, can significantly increase your Gear's potential and statistics. See our video on Artifacts below.